Our 10 Month Old

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It has hit me that in a couple of months we will be celebrating Bug's 1st birthday.  I still remember being pregnant with her at this time last year so its hard for my mind to wrap around this.  It also seems that she is such a big girl at this point.  My little newborn baby disappeared before my eyes almost instantly.  She still has that baby smell though and sometimes I just sit and breathe her in.  I'm going to soon miss that. Anyways... sappy rant over.

She pulls up on everything. Loves to eat just about anything you put in front of her and thinks she has to feed herself. Her favorites are sweet potatoes, green beans & rice/ noodles.  Finally spit out MaMa and yells at me to get my attention.   Has started pulling all her toys out at once then decides she's over them.  Constantly sticks out her tounge and blows bubbles. Loves to swing and play outside.  Still loves Patty Cake and Peek a Boo.

we went through all these emotion in a nano second... total meltdown when she realized how messy she was
its a production at this point to get her to sit still for monthly pictures

her 1st Easter and she had the flu along with an ear infection


Hippity Hop Hop - Easter 2015

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I can't believe that Bug's first Easter has come and gone.  I spent a good month planning her Easter basket and gifts from the Easter bunny and truth be told we were more excited than she was.  I ended up having to wake her up to see her gifts so we weren't late for breakfast and church.  She came down with the flu and an ear infection the week of so she was still feeling pretty blah.

We went to breakfast and to church with Spencer's family, Bug pretty much entertained all the rows behind us during service but was such a good girl through it all.  After church we headed to my family's festivities.  Every year we have an adult egg hunt which usually produces some pretty hilarious stories.  We hunt for money and lottery tickets instead of candy so there's always motivation to find the most eggs.  They then hid scattered eggs around the yard for the little ones to hunt.  Kenzee was looking for prizes in each one and Bug could have cared less. Bless it. She still wasn't feeling it.

I also think the guys, and a few girls, have started an Easter skeet shoot tradition.  They set up the skeet machine in the field across from my grandparents and spent a couple of hours shooting skeet and exchanging friendly banter back and forth on who was the better shot. 
 After a dose of Tylenol, some lunch and a 2 hour nap she started to feel a little better so she ended Easter in a little better mood than she started.

Happy 1st Easter love!