8 Months

Friday, February 27, 2015

Those month titles get harder and harder to type as Bug gets older.  She seems to be doing new things almost daily so its getting hard to keep up with but were having a ball watching her discover the world around her.

She is officially sitting up by herself.  Inch worming it across the floor.  Talking to you in the most serious of baby conversations.  She can't have her diaper changed without holding her bed time lotion [and she studies it like its the most interesting thing in the world]. Officially got her 2 bottom teeth so as a result we have moved on to big people food i.e. waffles, whole strawberries, apple slices, whole peas and carrots.  Runs around the house in her walker, literally.   Thinks she has to have whatever you have including appliances and food.  Has a new found love for Sadie and laughs when she enters a room.  Speaking of laugh she has perfected her fake laugh and has learned to say "huh" and "hey"... not so literally but she mimics us saying that.


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