Weekend Happenings + A Tooth!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

So I'm excited [and truly a little sad] to report that all of Bug's hard work paid off and she had her first tooth pop through!  I feel like her gummy smile was her last little bit of baby-ness and I have a feeling I'm going to terribly miss her toothless grin; this child is growing entirely too fast for me.  On another note though, this means she will soon be able to tear into some new food choices so that's always exciting.  I gave her a quarter, peeled apple slice last night to gnaw on and she loved it... so much she screamed at me everytime she lost it in her high chair.  She finally threw it on the floor where the dog, Sadie, was anxiously waiting.  I have a feeling Sadie will now be come a regular at the highchair during dinner time [breakfast and lunch too on the weekends]. 

...and there it is. I know, its tiny, but its there and I'm sure more will follow suit soon.
Also, some happenings from our weekend.  I ended up making like 6-7 bags of baby food for Bug this weekend so I will slowly try to add those.  She has made it through all the major single foods and we have started pairing foods for meals such as peas and sweet potatoes or squash and avocados.  She has been a fan of just about every food besides bananas and plain yogurt, but if you add a flavor to the yogurt, say blueberries, shes good to go.  So her meals go a little something like this:  yogurt or oatmeal with a fruit for breakfast, either 2 veggies or a veggie and fruit for lunch and usually 2 veggies for dinner with bottles in between throughout the day and nursing in the evenings and night. 
She has really surprised me at how well she has done with food.  A couple of weeks back Spencer let her try a nibble of his ice cream and its probably one of the funniest things Ive seen so far; she literally was grabbing his hand and moving it back to her mouth even though she just stuck her face in it instead of actually eating any.  So over the weekend we made our way downtown to eat lunch and Spence decided to stop for Coldstone Creamery [a first for us both].  I gave her a nibble of mine and he did the same with his and she was like a little bird, mouth open the entire time and screamed if she thought we forgot about her.  Needless to say I ate heaping spoonfuls of mine in order to dispose of it quickly so she didn't think I had to share half my bowl with her which lets face it will happen sooner or later.  I just thought I had a little while longer before I had to start sharing my food but I guess we really only have ourselves to blame for this one.
My parents also bought Bug a walker which she loves.  She plays in one at daycare so we thought she would like one at home too instead of having to be stationary in her jumper or highchair while I cook dinner  Shes slowly learning how to get around in it and loves when Spencer chases the dog with her in it.  Sadie doesn't think its funny and now Chandler expects the dog to play with her while shes in it.  It wont be long until Sadie has to actually hide to get away from Bug but for now she can simply go into another room and once shes out of site Chandler forgets about her and moves on to other things to get into. 
Here are some of my favorite gummy smiles <3

I don't know why but this picture always cracks me up


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