Valentine's Day Ideas

Friday, January 16, 2015

It's officially a little less than a month away from Valentine's Day and I know it may be a tad too early to start thinking about but I can't help but get excited to celebrate with Bug this year.  She will have a daycare Valentine's Day party and I can't wait to help her send each one of her friends a Valentine card... you remember the old school ones you put in the homemade Valentine's boxes at school.  I'm also thinking we will make some festive treats for both daycare and home to celebrate so I'll be in need of heart shaped everything for the kitchen.   All of the kids are pretty young so I will have to think up some things that are infant/ toddler friendly.  I'm also thinking of creating festive breakfast's or dinner's for us at home so that we can all celebrate together.
Garland [diy] | Paper Straws | Goodie Bags
I am pretty obsessed with decorating my chalkboard so I have the intention of making garland similar to the one above to drape over it.  I found this cute recipe for heart shaped almond bark that will be perfect for the goodie bags at daycare.
I also love to deck Bug out in festive holiday wear so I've found some of the cutest pieces from some of our favorite stores.  
LOVE sweatshirt | ballet slippers | overall skirt | gold moccasins | sweater dress | headband [diy] | graphic onesie

 Happy Friday!!

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