Christmas + New Years

Friday, January 2, 2015

I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone.  This year has just seemed to fly by for us and here we are starting a new one.  I hate to say it but we kept everything pretty low key for our first Christmas with Bug; I for sure thought we would get in way over our heads with the holiday.  We spent Christmas Eve [all day] with my family and then did Christmas morning at home, Spencer's family that afternoon and were back home a little after dark.
all 3 babies born this year on my side
Santa came!

Hunnie & Bug
We then made the trek the day after Christmas to Louisiana to visit Scott, MA and little E. I was so excited to see the babies together. I just had it in my head that they would talk together in baby gibberish and roll around on the floor together. For the most part that didn't happen. E sat up and Bug laid down most of the time. She loves tummy time and he doesn't and she is still wobbly sitting up for long periods by herself. She also thinks its funny to sometimes flop back while sitting up to have you constantly keep sitting her up. Its not, its a little terrifying. So we spent a long weekend with them and made the outrageously long trip back home [its really not that bad but Bug was in a mood and we made way too many stops so it took longer than necessary].
the only way we survived the last hour before we arrived
whatcha doing down there Chan Chan
is he not the sweetest!
wanting to do what dad did [we were getting gas btw]
We did spend a quiet New Years Eve at home.  We debated on whether to go out or not but decided it would be nice to stay home with Bug and ring in the New Year with her.  She was still partying at midnight so by default we were still up.  Usually if we stay in on New Years were out by 10 so it was kind of nice to see the New Year roll in.
our official New Years picture

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