7 months!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

This girl has developed a sassy, sweet, little attitude. She has learned to "voice" her opinion and lets you know when she's not happy with something you're doing. She started reaching for us this month which is the sweetest thing ever. She dives for anything she wants which is usually the remote or a cell phone. She has also developed such a big appetite and makes some of the strangest faces when introduced new foods and textures; she also gets impatient if you don't feed her fast enough. She is also grabbing on to stuff and what I mean when I say that is... your face, hair, jugular vein... anything she can grab and shake her head at. She watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse like a fan girl and laughs hysterically when he starts his intro. This month she also celebrated her First Christmas, she didn't get it but thought it was fun to play with so much paper and since then dive bombs towards any piece of paper she sees. She has also started spitting out new sounds or words... whatever you call them at this point and talks to you so seriously. She can sit up but prefers to lay down and roll as she can get places like that so were constantly unwedging her from between coffee tables and couches.





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