Our 10 Month Old

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It has hit me that in a couple of months we will be celebrating Bug's 1st birthday.  I still remember being pregnant with her at this time last year so its hard for my mind to wrap around this.  It also seems that she is such a big girl at this point.  My little newborn baby disappeared before my eyes almost instantly.  She still has that baby smell though and sometimes I just sit and breathe her in.  I'm going to soon miss that. Anyways... sappy rant over.

She pulls up on everything. Loves to eat just about anything you put in front of her and thinks she has to feed herself. Her favorites are sweet potatoes, green beans & rice/ noodles.  Finally spit out MaMa and yells at me to get my attention.   Has started pulling all her toys out at once then decides she's over them.  Constantly sticks out her tounge and blows bubbles. Loves to swing and play outside.  Still loves Patty Cake and Peek a Boo.

we went through all these emotion in a nano second... total meltdown when she realized how messy she was
its a production at this point to get her to sit still for monthly pictures

her 1st Easter and she had the flu along with an ear infection


Hippity Hop Hop - Easter 2015

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I can't believe that Bug's first Easter has come and gone.  I spent a good month planning her Easter basket and gifts from the Easter bunny and truth be told we were more excited than she was.  I ended up having to wake her up to see her gifts so we weren't late for breakfast and church.  She came down with the flu and an ear infection the week of so she was still feeling pretty blah.

We went to breakfast and to church with Spencer's family, Bug pretty much entertained all the rows behind us during service but was such a good girl through it all.  After church we headed to my family's festivities.  Every year we have an adult egg hunt which usually produces some pretty hilarious stories.  We hunt for money and lottery tickets instead of candy so there's always motivation to find the most eggs.  They then hid scattered eggs around the yard for the little ones to hunt.  Kenzee was looking for prizes in each one and Bug could have cared less. Bless it. She still wasn't feeling it.

I also think the guys, and a few girls, have started an Easter skeet shoot tradition.  They set up the skeet machine in the field across from my grandparents and spent a couple of hours shooting skeet and exchanging friendly banter back and forth on who was the better shot. 
 After a dose of Tylenol, some lunch and a 2 hour nap she started to feel a little better so she ended Easter in a little better mood than she started.

Happy 1st Easter love!

Nine Month Old Bug

Monday, March 23, 2015

17 pounds
27 1/4 in long
Crawls like an inch worm, first word was dada, loves to clap, loves being outdoors, soaks the bathroom during bath time, has made a new best friend with the dog and loves to pull her ears and pat her face, has become the biggest Daddy's Girl here lately, still loves to eat - especially Puffs, yogurt and blueberry waffles, loves to stand [assisted], will pull up to her knees and partial standing


Skincare Routine Makeover

Monday, March 16, 2015

I had a baby 9 months ago.  I was pregnant for 9 months before that.  Which means that for the past 18 months my skincare routine and face have been a wreck.  I literally feel like I have a roadway map on my face.  I had spent years building a skincare routine that I felt was perfect for me.  I was on birth control that helped my hormones balance out which in return reduced my teeny bopper acne to a minimum.  If I happened to get a blemish I religiously used my Philosophy spot treatment and within days I was back to normal.  I have used Bare Mineral makeup since high school and my pores rarely got clogged.  So what gives now?  Where do I go from here? I just know with 30 right around the corner that I need to be proactive in my skincare routines instead of scrambling to fix it later.  But with all the products out there and them all claiming to be best of the best its ridiculously overwhelming!

So I broke down and contacted my old dermatologist who treated my cystic acne in high school.  She took one look at me and decided that between the birth control that I am on [the unforgiving mini pill] and the fact that I am still breastfeeding that my face is simply just going to break out.  My pores are ridiculously clogged which in turn has caused these massive pimples... ok maybe that's an over reaction but they're pretty bad.  I can't just accept that.  I have seen plenty of breastfeeding moms that have gorgeous skin.  I am definitely not going to stop breastfeeding just to get my skin back on track and I don't know how much longer I will be doing it so here I am...

I did buy a retinol face wash from the dermatologist, refused to spend $52 on the prescription face cream and decided I didn't want the oral antibiotic either since I wasn't comfortable taking it while breastfeeding Bug.  After a disappointing visit to the dermatologist I broke down and called a highly recommended esthetician.  After a session with him I now have several more scheduled in order to get this breakout under control and hope to have bi-weekly/ monthly facials to keep everything at bay.  He also suggested I try Clearskin moisturizers for AM and PM to help keep everything in check between visits.

With all that being said I am still a loyal Philosophy and Bare Minerals girl and I swear by my Clarisonic daily.  Here is what my routine looks like now:

Our Weekend + Status Change

Monday, March 9, 2015

After working 6 days last week I couldn't tell you how excited I was to see this weekend roll around knowing that I would once again have my 2 days off with Spencer & Chandler.  I left work an hour early on Saturday to rush home in hopes that I would still have enough daylight left to get Bug out for a bit since the weather has been nasty and we've been cooped up.  We made a quick stroll around the neighborhood with Spencer and I think we were all relieved to have a little fresh air.  We then did the same thing with my sister [Gwen] and mom [Gigi] on Sunday and I plan on doing it as often as the weather will let us. 

So on Monday Spencer officially upgraded to old man status and he is pretty bitter about it.  He had to buy his first pair of glasses.  I've been pretty much blind since... well as long as I can remember and he's always made fun of me for it so I told him he needs to watch out for karma because she keeps coming back for him.  First with Chandler being a girl [he always said he would just have boys... no girls bahaha] and now with this.  Maybe one day he will learn his lesson.  

We were so unproductive this weekend and it was wonderful!

8 Months

Friday, February 27, 2015

Those month titles get harder and harder to type as Bug gets older.  She seems to be doing new things almost daily so its getting hard to keep up with but were having a ball watching her discover the world around her.

She is officially sitting up by herself.  Inch worming it across the floor.  Talking to you in the most serious of baby conversations.  She can't have her diaper changed without holding her bed time lotion [and she studies it like its the most interesting thing in the world]. Officially got her 2 bottom teeth so as a result we have moved on to big people food i.e. waffles, whole strawberries, apple slices, whole peas and carrots.  Runs around the house in her walker, literally.   Thinks she has to have whatever you have including appliances and food.  Has a new found love for Sadie and laughs when she enters a room.  Speaking of laugh she has perfected her fake laugh and has learned to say "huh" and "hey"... not so literally but she mimics us saying that.