6 months!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Our little girl turned 6 months.. that's half a year... let me try to even start processing that.  She has developed the sweetest little personality and seems to be doing something new each day.

We decided that at her 6 month appointment we would go ahead and have her ears pierced and they even did them in the pediatricians office. She of course cried for a minute but was over it and then came the shots... such a little trooper.

She is doing so well on solid foods and has really liked everything with the exception of bananas.  She hated bananas. Like gagged the whole time she was eating them.  She is starting to sit up a little better on her own.  Is rolling around on the floor like crazy.  Still loves to be snuggled just as much as ever.  Has formed an attachment to a lion/ cat/ satin rag... none of us can really figure out what it is supposed to be.  Loves to stand up with assistance. 
Happy Thanksgiving!
first time meeting Santa
always has her toes in her mouth
her new thing to do... flip over while shes getting a diaper change
i love the way she sleeps <3
we wore this shirt out during the holiday
last shot without her earrings
newly pierced ears
starting to occasionally hold her bottle by herself
is that not the cutest little head from behind

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