Bug's Christmas Wish List

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

So What do you buy a child that 1. has almost everything she needs and doesn't know what she wants and 2. that can't really do anything....  I'm convinced that after Christmas our house will officially look like a circus with all the bright colors and toys everywhere.  I do want to get her some educational, fun toys, a nicer snuggle blanket and some fun plush toys.  So I did some research by searching other moms blogs with children similar in age mixed with some googling and the below is what I have come up with.

Elefun Ball Popper || Splash the Cat ||Rock a Stack || Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube || Bambi Deer Doll || Anywhere Chair 

I'm positive she will also get some things like new books and way too many clothes but I just also wanted to get her some things that would be fun to play with while helping her reach those next milestones... or for her to chew on- which lets be honest will be the more likely scenario.

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