Bug is 5 Months

Monday, November 24, 2014

So this actually happened last week but to put it mildly last week was pure madness.  We've been trying to prepare for the holidays [Thanksgiving before Christmas of course] and working crazy work schedules so it was nice to have this bit of normalcy amongst the craziness.

She is practically laughing out loud and "talking" like a little chatter box!  We're listening closely because it wont be long until she spits out a word and were fighting/ betting over which she will say first, mama or dada.  We both get in her face constantly repeating each one over and over to which she just giggles.  She has found her feet and how to put them into her mouth.  She also rolled over on November 2nd and now every time you put her in the floor she automatically does it.  She also started a little bit of solids- cereal and some carrots- and she loved sitting in her highchair at the table like a big girl.  She can put quite a bit of weight on her legs and loves to stand for short periods of time and she's a pro at sitting up assisted.  She loves to giggle and she's very ticklish- she has the sweetest baby laugh.  She has also learned how to scream in this little shrill voice.

 This is what I have to work with trying to get one good picture each month haha



snuggling aunt Gwen
matching in camo
ill just chew on my foot while I watch Mickey
covered in drool

what they do best
matching aunt Gwen and no pre-planning was involved
first food
loving the high chair like a big girl
Halloween 2014
Go Vols!

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