Baby girl is 4 months old!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wow, 4 months, I still feel like I just had her yesterday but I'm pretty sure I will always say that with her milestones.  She had a great checkup:

Weight- 13lbs
Height- 12 1/4
Long, slender little thing <3

She is giggling and squealing like crazy and she loves to blow bubbles.  She started daycare this month and she loves Gmaw's [Carla] house; she actually sleeps all afternoon and night so I'm sure the kids are wearing her out there.  She is constantly chewing on anything she get her hands on and pretty much always has her hands in her mouth.  This past weekend we transitioned her into her crib and she has done so well with that [I think Ive had a harder time].  We also bought her a jumper which she loves but like all other things she has a short attention span for it.  She sits up assisted so we like to let her sit in her Bumbo and she is still doing well with tummy time [almost rolling over]. 
At the fair with Aunt Gwen and Ungle Jason
Her first pumpkin patch-she wasn't amused

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