Pumpkin Patch & Fair

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Can I just take a minute to say- I love Fall! I love everything about Fall.  The weather couldn't be anymore perfect.  I love fall clothes better than any other season- layers, lots of layers because you're going to wake up in the morning freezing your tail off and then sweating like crazy by noon [well, especially in the south].  I love pumpkins [not so much in everything I drink or eat though]. I love mums.  I love Halloween.  I just love Fall!
I needed to pick up some mums and I really wanted purple [Marion Co.] and orange [Go Vols] so after talking to my mom we decided our best bet was Grandaddys Farm in Estill Springs.  So on Saturday little miss and I loaded up and headed that way with my parents.  In true fashion I fiddle farted around all day and we didn't get over there until late but I was able to snap a few pictures of bug before it got too dark [she was in a horrible mood so I couldn't get a smile out of her to save my life].

So I got my mums and we hightailed it out of there to meet my sister and brother-in-law at the fair.  I was so excited because I thought bug would love it! All the lights and noises, that should be right up her alley, right?? Once again she was just like ehh and could have really cared less.  Like I said she was in a mood :/

aunt Gwen & uncle Jason
with GiGi

I on the other hand was in heaven, I love the fair... well at this stage in my life I love fair food... not so much the actual fair- I've come to realize its a dirty place, its crowded and makes me antsy.  That being said when Chandler gets old enough I hope she loves it too and I will just get over myself so she can make great memories like I did as a kid at the fair.

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