Chandler is 3 months!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Little miss is definitely coming into her personality.  She is smiling like crazy and gurgling [trying to laugh out loud]- she has also discovered her voice so she squeals when she gets excited- cutest.thing.ever!.  She loves to be talked to and has started blowing bubbles.  She chews on her hands constantly and has started over producing slobber so she [and I] is usually covered in it. She adores Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins and Sophia the First- pretty much anything with music and bright colors.  She sleeps though the night, usually 7-8 hours [she will occasionally wake up but goes right back to sleep after some snuggling/nursing].  Has started sitting up with assistance but has a hard time with the Bumbo seat- maybe in the coming weeks she will master that.  She loves the new play mat that our cousins let us borrow- it has a piano at the end so she kicks at it like crazy.  She has pretty much quit sleeping during the day and only takes 10-20 minute catnaps so we do a lot of things in the carrier or we just lay around all day playing :).  She halfway rolled over but couldn't roll her behind over so she got frustrated and cried- that was a one time occurrence so I'd say in the next month we will have a new milestone added to the list.  She starts daycare next week in preparation for me returning to work in the next couple of weeks so fingers crossed that she and I handle that ok, I'm excited for her to be around other babies but I'm going to miss my little bug like crazy! 
Happy 3 months love!!!

Weight: 11lbs 14oz
Height:  23in

[don't mind the above picture-she's usually a happy baby... she was just not into having her picture taken that day]

Wishing her daddy a Happy Birthday!

sweet chunk of love <3

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