Chandler 2 Months

Friday, August 22, 2014

This month baby girl is: sleeping more through the night, usually between 3-4 hours which makes a huge difference. She still loves to snuggle!! In order to be somewhat productive during the day I put her in her front carrier and she likes that. She still loves bath time; we found out she has a reaction to scented products so we had to change her over to hypoallergenic soap, lotion and laundry detergent. She smiles a lot; she likes Sophie the Giraffe and her owl rattle.  She doesn't care much for her playmat yet. She likes to look at herself briefly in the mirror. She likes to hear her daddy play the guitar.
Two month check up [actually early at 7 weeks]:
Height- 21 1/2in
Weight- 10lbs 5oz
She took her 2 month shots like a champ; she only cried for a few seconds. We did find out though that her tear ducts are closed so she has to have eye drops twice a day for now.

Spencer & Scott with Chandler and Everett

she hated that hat but it was so darn cute, I couldn't resist
she found her thumb
this is what they do best together- huge snuggle bugs <3
with Daphne
with Dr. Strnad

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