Chandler is 1 month!

Monday, July 21, 2014

What a sweet month this has been.  Chandler has been an absolute blessing to us and we are having the best time watching her grow. She loves to snuggle and absolutely loved her first official bath [however she hates to be sponged off with a passion]. She also hates to have her diaper changed but also hates to have a dirty diaper so that's a lose lose situation; she also hates to have her clothes changed so we don't unnecessarily change clothes [no fashion shows for her!]. She nurses every 1-3 hours for 45-60 minutes at a time and hates to burp. She is very alert and can hold her head up but she doesn't have much control putting it back down. She still purrs in her sleep like she did when she was first born [cutest thing ever!]. She hates her swing and bouncer and almost always refuses to sleep in the pack and play but sleeps pretty well in her bassinet. She did have her first bottle this month and was slightly confused at the fact that she was getting food from her dad haha! We also have the worst luck with socks and mittens; she generally is missing one or the other. You can also catch the occasional smile from her but they're brief; however she smiles and frowns in her sleep which is adorable to watch.

At her one month checkup:
Height- 21 1/4in
Weight- 9.8lb


first official bath

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