32 Weeks + A New Baby Cousin

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How far along: 32 Weeks
Gender: Girl
Chandler Updates:  She is roughly 4 lbs this week
Weight gain: 14 lbs- I lost 2 lbs
Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out: Flat/ out
Miss anything: Haven't had any just knock me down, wish I could have that moments this week
Movement: Her jabs have become more blunt at this point and shes doing a lot of rolling; I've also notcied shes had the hiccups quite a bit in the past couple of weeks.
Cravings: Strawberries, cantaloupe and hard shell tacos from Taco Bell.
Food Aversions: None this week
Symptoms: Had a hard time getting comfortable this week... she didn't seem to want to "move" with me.  If I rolled to my left side she stayed on the right or vice versa.  I think shes preparing me for all of the sleepless nights already.  Getting into an upright position is also starting to become challenging at this point- Spence has to pull me up a lot of times.
Other Updates:  So we had our doctors appt on Monday and we had surprising news.  We had a positive fetal fibronectin test which means I have a higher risk of going into labor in the next two weeks compared to someone that has a negative result.  So I started steroid shots on Tuesday and Wednesday in order to get her lungs developed JUST IN CASE she does decide to come early.  The doctor said that she wouldn't stop labor at or after 34 weeks so we roughly have one more week before we could officially meet our baby girl.  I'm anxious and nervous at the same time- I would love to meet her now but I want her to stay in as long as she can so that she can be healthy.

We also welcomed a new baby into the family! Scott and Michael Ann had Everett Michael on Friday, May 9 and he is absolutely beautiful! We can't wait until we can officially meet him!!!

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