25 Weeks

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So hopefully this is the last week we miss a picture.  We're on the last leg of the remodel and to say the least our household is a little hectic!!

How far along: 25  Weeks
Gender: Girl
Chandler Updates:  She has hair now and fingernails.  She is roughly the size of a squash and my uterus is the size of a soccer ball [I believe it :/]
Weight gain: 15 lbs
Stretch marks: None
Belly button in or out: Still flat
Miss anything: Still missing coffee like crazy, I drool at the smell of it... and why is everyone around me talking about the best wine they have ever had?! [boo on you guys!]
Movement: I can finally see her kick from the outside... that was a little different.  She also balls up quite frequently, at first it was when I laid down or stood up too fast but now she just randomly does it and my stomach hardens where shes at
Cravings: Is it possible to crave water... I cant seem to get enough of it! Still also craving fruit [any kind] and juice
Food Aversions: Anything fast food related [esp Taco Bell]... I'm so sick of fast food since this remodel
Symptoms: None out of the ordinary... just the usual backache but I'm not entirely sure that's completely pregnancy related
Other Updates: So at the beginning of this [pregnancy] week I had my first really clumsy pregnancy experience... I fell down at work :/ Not hard or anything but just enough to jar my back.  So I called the doctor and they wanted to check me out since we are so far along at this point.  Since Spence was already at work I called my mom and asked her to go with me.  The did a NST where they hooked a heartbeat and contraction monitor up to my stomach which if under different circumstances I would have been ecstatic about but I was a nervous wreck once I got there.  Everything is good to go though, baby girl was super active (especially once she could hear her heartbeat from the outside; she freaked over that) and her heartbeat was perfectly normal; and no contractions on my end.

I also celebrated my 27th birthday during this week... I'm a little bummed that I had to get a year older before baby girl gets here and Spencer doesn't

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