Kitchen Remodel

Friday, May 16, 2014

So I can't even begin to stress how over this kitchen we were.  Our house was built in the 50's and I swear everything was original.  We had bought new appliances at Lowe's about 6 months before the remodel because we thought that it might help us in deciding to hold off on spending the money but it only made it worse.  If you know Spencer and I, when we get something new EVERYTHING else has to be upgraded.... and it has to be done immediately.  We also knew that this wasn't a project that we wanted to take on ourselves so we set out to find a contractor.  That was probably the hardest part... who knew it would be so hard to convince someone to take your money to remodel your kitchen.  We probably interviewed 6-7 contractors before we found on that called us back with a quote... we had a few call us back with quotes and we laughed at the price they gave us.  We decided to do the demo ourselves and let them come in and put everything back together.  The only regret I have is doing this while pregnant- I didn't really help with anything other than picking stuff out and living off fast food while 6 months pregnant was not a good idea, I couldn't imagine doing it with kids :/  I washed dishes in the bathroom sink maybe twice and was so over that immediately.  My parents [who have done so much for us and the upgrade of our home; we're both so lucky to have them] came in and helped Spence rip out the cabinets, then they came back and helped him paint the kitchen before the contractors finished up.
White counter tops and that floor... Spence hated that floor and told me about it almost every. single. day. since we moved in.  Some days I didn't mind the knotty pine and then some days [usually once I seen someone else's shiny, new kitchen] I was over looking at it.
After cabinets were taken out

Ta-da... absolutely in LOVE with our new kitchen!!  Everything is new except for the appliances and the light fixtures.
Bar area before
After it was taken out [never knew how much this blended in with the wall]

A little plain [lack of decoration] but we love this feature so much; I'll eventually hang something on either side I just don't know what yet.  We will get new barstools as well but we already had these so we stuck them there for the time being.  Spence is also convinced this will serve as a babysitter once Chandler gets here- he says he will leave her and Sadie in the living room and shut the 2 doors so they are confined and he can watch them while he's cooking in the kitchen [riiiight].


Both of the above shots were after everything was taken out

So they rebuilt us a bar area over here and we hung the TV in the corner.  We decided to mix it up a bit and do the split cabinets for more storage underneath on the counter instead of having them touch the countertop.

Wall separating the living room and kitchen before

The bar from the living room side.


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