20 Weeks

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How far along: 20 Weeks <-- Half way there whohoo!
Gender: Girl
*Chandler Updates: She is as big as a squash and as long as carrot. 
Weight gain: 4 lbs
Stretch marks: none so far, I hold my breath for this one every week
Belly button in or out: In, still getting shallow; I must say I'm ready for it to be out!
Miss anything: The usual... and coke. I told Spence I want a huge Dr. Pepper waiting on me after delivery
Mood:  Upbeat and happy
Movement: Definitely... baby girl likes to squirm and squirm down low and I do mean looow.  I think she thinks my bladder is a trampoline.
Cravings: Well since I shamelessly scarfed down a WHOLE box 2 whole boxes of Girl Scout cookies at work this week I guess you could say I still crave anything sweet... chocolate milk, peanut butter balls [thanks Aunt Nancy, Chandler LOVES those ;)], Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal... and the milk it sat in. I have loved the Dole mango cups... I have polished off several of those this week.  I also had half a Sierra Mist the other night which [slightly] curbed my craving for coke.
Food Aversions: Nah at this point I will eat pretty much anything you put in front of me
Symptoms: Gas... and a lot of it, so classy I know.  Also still have the pregnancy acne... lucky me.
Other Updates: Still panicking over the scheme/ colors for the nursery.  I know I'm way ahead of myself but at this point I'm thinking her bedding will have to be custom made and if I don't do it now then she will come home to an unfinished room since it may not be done in time, and I can't decide on anything else until I pick out bedding [see how this snow balls irrationally in my head]...
On another note we have had some gorgeous weather this week for February, hello low 60's!, so Spencer and I have been soaking this up... did a little hiking to look at some property- this about killed me [I'm way out of shape] and I told Spence to just leave me on a stump and go on with his dad, I sat on that stump for an hour overlooking the mountains, it was absolutely breathtaking.

*I decided to add this in so that we can also keep track of new things developing with baby girl as she grows.

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