18 Weeks

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How far along: 18 Weeks
Gender: Don't know yet <-- I still say girl
Weight gain: 2 lbs, the doctor scale said 6 but the nurse ASSURED me that it weighs 4 lbs heavy ;)
Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out: In
Miss anything: Wine [esp the bottle of muscadine that keeps staring at me from the bar], queso dip from the Mexican restaurant- we eat Mexican every Sunday so how did I expect this to not be a big deal & I'm still craving sushi... which I can't have :(
Mood: Happy this week... I did have a tantrum moment when Spence was standing beside me in the laundry closet doing a turkey call, I yanked it from his hands, threw it to the ground and glared at him until he went away haha
Movement: None yet- I keep telling myself what I feel is just gas, I will probably say no to this one until baby kicks and breaks one of my ribs haha
Cravings: Veggies and lots of them with ranch dip.  I also crave pickles but only spears... not chips or whole
Food Aversions: Nada but its surprising how much people will talk about certain foods/ food combinations and it just sounds gross
Symptoms: My back has been hurting and I can't seem to get comfortable this week, I have also started getting a 3 o'clock headache that usually [fingers crossed] goes away by 6ish
Other Updates: We had our 3rd ultrasound to see baby and find out the gender!! Gender reveal is on Sunday so were both so anxious to find out what baby is.  Gwen is the only one who knows so fingers crossed she keeps the secret for the whole week and everyone is surprised!!

** We also found out that we are actually farther along than what we originally thought so this is why week 17 is missing... I just skipped it all together [that's what I get for procrastinating posts].

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